Web policy

ABAS Protect intends to, as far as possible, provide accurate and reliable information on its web site about products, prices, availability and other properties, although we apologize for any incorrect information given.

Cookies are used at ABAS Protect’s web site to facilitate smoother interaction with users, for instance, by remembering preferences. End users of ABAS Protect’s web site are, as an assumption, in complete understanding of normal usage of cookies, in compliance with the General data protection regulation (GDPR). Users may govern cookies usage by modifying their browser settings; accepting cookies is normal.

ABAS Protect uses commons statistics packages in order to improve the web site, although there is no tracking or similar of individual users. We value your personal integrity.

ABAS Protect is the rightful owner of all images and other media samples used at this web site, unless otherwise indicated or implicitly understood. No part of this web site may be reproduced beyond fair or personal use without written permission. ABAS Protect may where appropriate use copyrighted material with express or implicit permission in order to showcase products and similar.

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